At first glance, the concept of launching a new business during a global pandemic may be a bit crazy. However, the crisis has opened a door for savvy entrepreneurs willing to take their shot. 

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Many well-known and successful businesses emerged after a global crisis. From the launch of Disney in 1929 during the Great Depression to the more recent big-hitters like Uber, WhatsApp and Instagram, all started after the 2008 US recession. In Australia, we’re already seeing an increase in new business registrations, with a 6% increase from March-June 2020 compared to 2019*.

With high levels of unemployment part of the new normal, a lot of what has traditionally held us back is no longer on the radar. So why not carpe diem - seize the day. Three key areas of opportunities are: 

React faster to the new customer demand

COVID-19 has opened many new paths and raised a few issues we need solutions to. New businesses have the unique ability to react faster, which is appealing to customers. 

Expand on digital opportunities and explore new options

The pandemic has significantly increased our reliance on and the demand for technology. Entrepreneurs can factor this into the new business plan, rather than needing to undertake a costly overhaul to existing processes. 

Large talent pool to choose from

The number of talented people who are looking for work is at an all-time high. Whether you’re looking for a co-founder or teammate, you will have a higher percentage of skilled and experienced people to choose from than if you wait. 

With these in mind, prospective entrepreneurs who had initially parked their great business idea to the side because of the pandemic should jump back into the fast lane and get to work. 

Carbon offer a complete suite of business services to help you on your way to business success, from accounting and tax advice to finance, business insurance, and personal wealth plans. Get in touch for a chat; we’d love to join you on your journey of turning your idea into a successful venture. Call us on (08) 6381 2404.

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Who is Carbon?

Yes, we are Accountants, Bookkeepers, Cloud Consultants and Finance and Insurance Brokers. 

Carbon is an award-winning professional services firm that offers business owners a one-stop destination for all their business solutions. Carbon is powered by highly qualified market-leading experts of accountants, bookkeepers, business system gurus, insurance brokers, finance brokers and financial planning professionals. In just six years, Carbon has grown a single office in Perth to 12 offices coast to coast with plans to expand further both nationally and internationally.

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About Jamie Davison


After graduated at university with three degrees, putting him in a great position to enter the workplace, 
Jamie founded a successful bookkeeping firm, which he ran from home, with a client base that was rapidly growing. He had the advantage over other bookkeepers of being a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) which essentially meant his clients were having their bookkeeping done by an accountant. At the time, cloud-based accounting software was in its infancy, and Jamie jumped on board as one of the first companies to partner with Xero; now being the biggest partner in Australia. The use of cloud-based software brought bookkeeping into real time for a business owner, allowing bookkeepers to add a lot more value, which excited Jamie. He saw the opportunity for the role of a bookkeeper to be more important and pivotal for business success than just being data-entry and used his skills and knowledge as a CPA to put this into practice.
Jamie launched Carbon Group in 2014, the bookkeeping division was quick to grow, and Jamie now heads up the bookkeeping team, comprising of over 30 staff; a huge achievement to say it started as a one-man band working from home.



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